L & C Fabrics  opened on the 14th of February 2014. We are a family run business which includes  Claire my daughter, my son Jordan and I also not forgetting my husband Tony.

I have always been a sewer and had a love for quality fabrics but nothing too serious, until 2012 when a friend and I joined a local quilting group. Once I joined the group and tried patchwork quilting I was hooked and that’s where our story starts. I could not find the fabrics and quality I needed in my local area and often travelled several hours in search of  the designs and fabrics as well as equipment I needed.

I complained to my husband that there wasn’t any quality fabric shops locally and his answer was simple, “why don’t you open your own fabric shop?”

Encouraged by the positive feedback to the idea by friends on Facebook and other patchwork quilters I decided to do just that and here we are over 3 years later. We have expand our Cleethorpes shop already in our short time in business as it became apparent that there was a huge demand for the trade locally so we moved premises and branched out into machines, servicing, made to measure curtains, dress fabrics, lesson and workshops plus much more.

Due to the success of our Cleethorpes store we have now gone further afield and opened our new store in Hull. There you can find a wide range of fabrics including Craft, patchwork and dress making fabrics. Our Hull store is now an authorised Janome dealer. we also offer an alterations service, patchwork, craft lessons, workshops and sewing machine repairs and servicing.

Another positive was my son Jordan who is autistic being able to help out in the shop. I wanted the shop to be a community for quilters and sewers were they can come and be inspired and we are certainly enjoying being part of that. We hope we can inspire you too.


WE sew, WE make, WE create…